BIG N has accepted the role of advocating and promoting Northbridge as a safe and vibrant destination for locals and visitors, including:

  • The promotion of Northbridge to the broader community
  • Advocating for business and the local community
  • Making Northbridge a safe place to do business
  • Working with government to improve the local amenity
  • Encouraging the profitability of its members


Membership of BIG N is extended to all parties who are interested in improving Northbridge into the future. Members of BIG N include:

  • Local businesses – wanting to improve the business environment
  • Local residents – wanting to improve the community amenity
  • Community groups – with an interest in developing Northbridge
  • Government agencies – with a role in developing Northbridge
  • Special interest groups – with a cause that involves Northbridge

Join BIG N Now!

Why join

Members of BIG N receive a number of benefits including:

  • Being able to have a say in the future of Northbridge
  • Ability to seek advocacy on issues impacting on them
  • Discounted attendance fees for regular events
  • Input into discussions about the development of amenities
  • Ability to be elected to the committee representing Northbridge

Membership Fees

The membership fee is $50.00 per organisation or individual member.

Membership fees are payable in July of each year.

To apply, simply complete the form on this page.